Backstage with Backup

Backup Wellbeing Hub, Kart-Fest 2023

June 30, 2023 Backup Tech Season 1 Episode 2
Backstage with Backup
Backup Wellbeing Hub, Kart-Fest 2023
Show Notes

Friday 30th June 2023
Backstage with Backup
E2: The Wellbeing Hub at Backup’s Kart-Fest – The Village Fete

Guests: Backup’s Jessica Allan, Laura Newton, Development and Operations for MITC, and Music Support’s Chief Executive, Eric Mtungwazi.

Host: Sarah James runs PR agency Gasoline Media and is proud to be able to help spread the word about the great work Backup does, taking care of their Press & PR.

In this conversation: Jess, Laura, Eric and Sarah discuss Kart-Fest – The Village Fete, Backup’s biggest fund raising event of the year, and it’s new Wellbeing Hub. 

They talk about why this new initiative is so important in helping to raise mental health awareness in the entertainment technology industry, why it’s so vital to change attitudes towards mental health in general, the importance of having more trained Mental Health Health First Aiders in the industry, what each organisation does on a day-to-day basis, and what will be on offer on the day.

Episode key topics + chapter markers :
1:34 – Jess explains what the Wellbeing Hub is all about and why it’s so important
5:34 – Laura talks about what MITC is, what it does and why it was set up
6:19 – Jess explains why Backup works with MITC 
7:54 – Laura tells us what MITC will be offering during Kart-Fest
10:39 – Eric explains Music Support’s role in the industry
14:24 – Jess emphasises the importance of Music Support and Backup’s role in training Mental Health First Aiders 
16:33 – Eric tells us about what’s on offer from Music Support during Kart-Fest
17.29 – Jess talks about the sessions available and new initiatives that are being announced on the day

Useful resources and links related to this episode :
Backup's AJ Bursary for FREE MHFAider training  via Music Support
Music Support for MHFAider training, Addiction & Recovery Awareness Workshop 
Music Industry Therapist Collective for industry therapists and to purchase your copy of their Touring and Mental Health Manual

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