Backstage with Backup

Music Industry Therapist Collective, Tamsin Embleton

August 31, 2023 Backup Tech Season 1 Episode 3
Backstage with Backup
Music Industry Therapist Collective, Tamsin Embleton
Show Notes

Thursday 31st August 2023
Backstage with Backup
E3: Music Industry Therapist Collective, Tamsin Embleton

Guest: Tamsin Embleton, attachment-based psychoanalytic psychotherapist specialising in working with musicians and music industry professionals at all stages of their careers, founder of the MITC, and compiler and editor of Touring and Mental Health – The Music Industry Manual

Host: Sarah James runs PR agency Gasoline Media and is proud to be able to help spread the word about the great work Backup does, taking care of their Press & PR.

In this conversation: Tamsin and Sarah discuss the challenges for crew working in the touring industry; how their mental, as well as their physical health can be protected.

Episode key topics + chapter markers:
5:34 – Sarah asks Tamsin to help her correct an assumption she made in E1 about the disparity in mental health issues between men and women
8:47 – The stresses that come with touring, how the industry could help itself and support the people working in it
12:38 – Tamsin talks about the impact and repercussions the pandemic has had on the industry
15:04 – Pressures crew face;  job insecurity and why this leads to both physical and mental health problems
20:19 – How the touring lifestyle can exacerbate problems with addiction, a shift in culture and attitude on tour could help
28:05 – Tamsin highlights a new initiative from MITC and Roadie Medic, the MITC Manual and the shift in attitude to mental health issues
36:52 – Post tour recovery and the impact of touring on personal relationships

Useful resources and links related to this episode :
MITC -  info on services as well as 'Touring and Mental Health – The Music Industry Manual'
Freelancers - Backup's AJ Bursary for FREE MHFA training  via Music Support  Companies - The ABTT and  Music Support  provide MHFA training for companies

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